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    Relays - DPRN124.24VDC
    Relays and Sockets - Relays - DPRN124.24VDC

    24V, 2, Pole 10A Relay

    Ambient Temperature °C-40°C - +55°C
    Number of Poles2
    Contact Resistance (mOhm)100 (1A, 24VDC)
    Contact Load (Resistance)10A 250VAC/28VDC
    Max Switching Voltage250VAC/28VDC
    Max Switching Current10A
    Max Switching Power2500VA/280W
    Insulation Resistance (mOhm)500 (500VDC)
    Operate TimeMax 30ms
    Release TimeMax 30ms
    Vibration10-55Hz 1mm
    Operating Humidity98%RH, +40°C
    TerminationOctal & undecal type plug
    ConstructionDust protected
    Rated Voltage (VDC)24
    Pick Up Voltage (VDC)less than equal to 19.2
    Drop Out Voltage (VDC)more than equal to 2.4
    Resistance (mOhm)430±10%